SUV Reading Group

The ICA-SUV Reading Group, which launched in June 2020, seeks to virtually bring together archivists and record managers from all over the world to discuss once a month a journal article or a news item about recordkeeping. It is intended to be an exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions in a convivial setting.

Sessions are announced on the ICA-SUV listserv. Please get in touch with Venkat Srinivasan ( or Ellen Engseth ( if you have suggestions or would like to help by proposing articles or running a session.

Upcoming meeting:

  • Tuesday 20 July at 10 am CEST (find your time here: Register for the Tuesday session HERE.
  • Wednesday 21 July at 2 pm CDT (find your time here: Register for the Wednesday session HERE.

    We invite you to read Michelle Caswell's article "'The Archive' Is Not an Archives: On Acknowledging the Intellectual Contributions of Archival Studies", available here.

Previously discussed readings: