SUV Reading Group

The ICA-SUV Reading Group, which launched in June 2020, seeks to virtually bring together archivists and record managers from all over the world to discuss once a month a journal article or a news item about recordkeeping. It is intended to be an exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions in a convivial setting.

Sessions are announced on the ICA-SUV listserv. Please get in touch with Venkat Srinivasan ( or Ellen Engseth ( if you have suggestions or would like to help by proposing articles or running a session.

Upcoming meeting:

Given the upcoming 2021 United National Climate Change Conference (COP26,, we thought we'd read and discuss this 2010 paper on finding safe havens for archives threatened by climate change.

To take up arms against a sea of troubles Matthew Gordon-Clark and Simon Shurville Archives & Manuscripts, 38(1), pp. 78-93. May 2010

This month we will be discussing the education of archives and records professionals, and the article by Jaye Weatherburn & Ross Harvey (2016) "Finding and forming the bold and the fearless: the future of LIS education in Australia," The Australian Library Journal, 65:4, 251-261, DOI: 10.1080/08164649.2016.1237946
The open access version is available at

Some questions to think about (or bring your own topics or questions!):
- The article discusses different ways of moving archives to save them. Can you think of any others? Does your archive have such a plan in place?
- What is the role of archivists caring for records in the context of climate change?

Previously discussed readings: