The Digital Records Curation Programme is Now Published!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Digital Records Curation Programme (DRCP), a set of materials (available in English and will soon be published in French) that aims to translate technical digital preservation know-how into easy-to-use resources for teaching new generations of digital archivists.  

And what does technical digital preservation know-how mean? James Lowry, former Secretary of ICA’s Africa Programme, explains that “the DRCP is a set of teaching materials covering digital culture and the information society, digital records’ authenticity and reliability, digital and hybrid records management, metadata, file profiling, cloud computing, email management, digital preservation, information security, digital repositories and digital records appraisal, digitization, description and indexing, web and social media archiving, and data management.” 

The DRCP materials comprise: 

  • A Guide, which introduces the structure and terminology of the material 
  • a course handbook (syllabus) that includes readings and resources for students 
  • for each class or workshop, a lesson plan with activities, and a set of presentation slides, which include notes for the instructors. 

Want to know more? 

To learn more about how the DRCP materials were created, how they have been applied in some countries in Africa, and what are the next steps for exploring and implementing this set of resources, we invite you to read the ICA blogs (see below) written by the former ICA’s Africa Programme Secretary, the participants of the Digital Records Curation Programme (DRCP) - Study School for Archival Educators in Botswana, and the ICA’s Training Officer

ICA Blog (en)

ICA Blog (fr)

Any suggestions?  

The materials are being managed by Juliet Erima. Comments or suggestions about the future development of the materials can be directed to