The UDA Oral History Toolkit is now available!

“Oral sources tell us not just what people did, but what they wanted to do, what they believed they were doing, and what they now think they did ... Oral sources are credible but with a different credibility. The importance of oral testimony may lie not in its adherence to fact, but rather in its departure from it, as imagination, symbolism and desire emerge. Therefore, there are no ‘false’ oral sources” 
 Alessandro Portelli, oral historian and professor of literature 


We are very pleased to announce that ICA’s Training Programme has released the UDA Oral History Toolkit developed by Margaret Crockett, Claude Roberto and Karen Anderson.  

This toolkit is a set of documentation from the online learning course “Understanding and Using the Universal Declaration on Archives” that has been adapted into sample forms to carry out oral history projects related to the Universal Declaration on Archives. 

Below you will find all the documentation in English and French.  


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