Two Weeks Left! FIDA Call for Projects 2024

We can’t wait to look through all of the applications for FIDA funding! We love seeing how our international community is supporting the development of archives and archivists in under-resourced communities! There are only two weeks left to apply for funding – the deadline is 15 September 2023.  

What kind of projects have been funded in the past? 

Since 2010, FIDA has supported projects in all regions of the globe, including in Africa, South America, West Indies, Southeast Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific region. Successful projects ranged from training in various basic archival skills, such as record management, appraisal and preservation, including audio-visual records, to more ambitious projects, such as setting up and organizing a new archive. 

Here are some of the most recent projects: 

Find out more about the FIDA Call for Projects 2024 here