The Universal Declaration on Archives will celebrate its 5th anniversary on November 10!

ICA | 28 October 2016

Commemorate this milestone by sharing the Declaration and signing the online register.

By celebrating the Universal Declaration on Archives, you support open access to information!

The International Council on Archives invites all archivists, records managers and the general public, to celebrate this anniversary.  The Universal Declaration on Archives was initiated by the International Council on Archives and adopted in Paris by the UNESCO on the 10th of November 2011.  UNESCO encourages its Member States to be guided by the principles set out in the Declaration.

The document has been translated into many languages and advocates the preservation and universal accessibility of the world’s documentary heritage.  Archives secure human rights, establish a collective memory and underpin accountable and transparent governments.

The Declaration is a call to action and seeks engagement in archival issues by governments, decision makers and the general public. 

UNESCO acknowledges the important role that archives play in support of the democratic rights of citizens,

1. Congratulates the International Council on Archives on its work in drawing up the Universal Declaration on Archives;

2. Endorses the Universal Declaration on Archives as developed and adopted by the International Council on Archives;

3. Encourages Member States to be guided by the principles set out in the Universal Declaration on Archives when planning and implementing future strategies and programmes nationally.”

The International Council on Archives proposes that you should:

  1. download the document in your own language
  2. post it in your office or common area of your institution and
  3. sign the Declaration online Register.   

It is essential to know the foundation text of our profession and to support archives for a better future. 

We count on you to share the Declaration and the link to the Register on your social networks and listservs.

“By signing the online UDA Register you are saying that you care about civil rights and documentary heritage. Signing the Register demonstrates support for archivists all over the world that work tirelessly to protect and preserve archives so that they are accessible for generations to come. Signing the Register acknowledges that caring for archives is the collective responsibility of citizens, decision-makers, holders of public or private archives and archivists. Almost 4,000 people have given their support for the UDA by signing the Register and I strongly urge you to do the same. Let’s triple that number before International Archives Day on 9 June 2017!”

David Fricker, President International Council on Archives, ICA

To get a poster of the Declaration and sign the online UDA register:

For more information, please contact Claude Roberto for the ICA Advocacy Expert Group