Universal Declaration on Archives - Oral History Toolkit


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Date Added:

28 July 2021

Type: UDA

What you will find in this resource: 

In September 2019 the International Council on Archives launched a new online learning course called “Understanding and Using the Universal Declaration on Archives”. The course features new material which was written specially for the course. The course provides learners with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the Universal Declaration on Archives (UDA) covering the history of its development and a detailed analysis of the content. It provides strategies for using the UDA to advocate for archives as well as ways to use it to support archivists and records managers in their professional responsibilities.  

To augment and illustrate the section on the history of the development of the UDA, the course developers included short interviews with a number of people who were active in the project to create the Declaration. These were intended to help students to learn about the motivation and experiences of individuals who were involved and instrumental in the successful campaign to develop and advocate for the Universal Declaration on Archives. It was particularly interesting to have these campaign veterans interviewed by New Professionals at the Annual Conference in Yaoundé in 2018. 

In the course of coaching the New Professionals to carry out the interviews and developing procedures for this, the course creators produced a set of documentation that has been adapted into sample forms for all ICA members. The documentation consists of: 

  • Sample guidelines for oral history project Interviewers 
  • Sample interview record form for oral history projects 
  • Sample oral history project interviewee consent form 

We are also including the original documentation: 

  • Guidelines for interviewers of UDA oral history project 
  • Information about the UDA oral history project for interviewees 
  • Interviewee consent form UDA oral history project 
  • UDA oral history project interview record form 

The toolkit was developed by Margaret Crockett, Claude Roberto and Karen Anderson 



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  • French


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