Update: development of RiC-CM (Records in Contexts – Conceptual Model) and of RiC-O (Records in Contexts – Ontology)

Florence Clavaud (Archives nationales de France | EGAD) | 22 October 2018

EGAD held multiple teleconferences leading up to its face-to-face meeting in Rome, October 2017. The three-day Rome meeting was devoted to discussion of comments received on the first draft of RiC-CM (released in September 2016). Though adjustments in specific descriptive components were discussed, a major portion of the deliberation concerned reorganizing the CM in order to make the model more accessible to the archival community. Two working groups were assigned to research and make recommendations on Relations and Events, and on evaluating the description of Information versus Physical attributes of records. The latter in order to ensure that RiC complements preservation of records as artefacts, particularly electronic records.

Formalizing the decisions made in Rome and finalizing the research and recommendations of the two working groups is outstanding. The first draft of the CM has been reorganized; the primary and secondary entities have been drafted; description necessary for documenting the context of description, each description of an entity, and each assertion about an entity has been outlined and sketched. Considerable detailed work remains to be completed.

A subgroup of EGAD is working on the development of the RiC-O. Substantial work has been completed, though much work remains to be completed. Florence Clavaud at the Archives nationales de France (ANF), is the leader of this group. In support of the RiC-O development, a proof-of-concept prototype employing and converting to RDF archival metadata created by the ANF, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the French Ministère de la Culture has been completed. See http://piaaf.demo.logilab.fr/ (Note: this was a project financed by the three French institutions involved).

Though progress on the development of RiC-CM and RiC-O is slower than EGAD would like, substantial progress is being made. After a three days meeting in Paris (France) in May 2018, a second face-to-face meeting of all EGAD members near Vienna (Austria) is planned this year, on December 3, 4 and 5.

EGAD plans to release a draft of RiC-CM v2, and call for comments, by the beginning of 2019.

A call for reviewers, that will concern a beta version of RiC-O, will be published in December 2018.