Virtual Activities / #ArchivesUnited

We invite all our ICA members and extended community to join and participate in the following virtual activities that we have prepared for #IAW2023 to celebrate #75YearsICA of building a global community of #ArchivesUnited

You could join us by becoming one of the content creators on our new Instagram account. We also invite you to bake a cake and to sing “Happy Birthday ICA!”. Or, if you prefer to contribute with your archives, share them with us and help us to expand our timeline better to portray the rich diversity of our membership and our collective achievements since the ICA’s foundation in 1948. 

Click below about find out more about each of three virtual activities: 

A big thank you to our main sponsor, Family Search, who has made the #IAW2023 and our #75YearsICA celebrations possible. 

For more information on #IAW2023 or #ArchivesUnited, contact us at