Volunteer Translator Form

We are looking for volunteer translators in the three working languages of ICA: English, French and Spanish !

If you want to volunteer in order to translate specific ICA documents into your mother tongue, please let us know which document you want to translate by emailing us at webmaster@ica.org

Contact Information
Translation Language(s)
Ideally, this language is your mother tongue or you are bilingual. You will translate content from another language to your mother tongue.
We will ask you to translate preferably from this language into your mother tongue.
You will not be regularly asked for translations in languages other than English, French or Spanish. But you will be contacted if we need a specific translation. If you are bilingual or want to highlight specific circumstances, please let us know here.
Skills / Experience
In your own language? In the language you want to translate from?

ICA Translators will:

  • Translate articles for the ICA Website
  • Translate articles for the ICA Publications
  • Translate professional content (studies, standards, best practices, online learning courses, etc.)
  • Review translations made by other ICA translators

They commit themselves to:

  • Provide the work they have accepted within the set deadlines or warn the translator’s coordinator in a timely manner
  • Provide information to the coordinator on their own availabilities

They benefit:

  • From a free ICA membership for the year
  • ICA Certificate
  • Letter of reference when requested

They are credited for all their translations