Waiting for #ICARoma2022 - Digital libraries: a training ground for the hybridization of disciplines and contents

Tuesday 14 December 2021 - Live streaming 17.00 pm ROME TIME

Cultural heritage is a real system, in which objects live in relationships not only with other objects, but also with subjects, with places, with processes of production, use and conservation: in a word, with the context within which they are immersed. How adequate are the traditional disciplinary and professional divisions, which then translate into organizational-institutional divisions, to represent the complexity of the ecosystem of cultural heritage? Digital libraries highlight the systemic nature of cultural heritage and therefore seem an adequate tool for questioning traditional models and acting as catalysts of innovation processes with respect to current structures. 

The directors of the central institutes will discuss this theme: Laura Moro (Central Institute for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage), Carlo Birrozzi (Central Institute for Catalog and Documentation), Elisabetta Reale (Central Institute for Archives), Simonetta Buttò (Central Institute for the Single Catalog). Giovanni Michetti will moderate. 

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Giovanni Michetti

Giovanni Michetti, Sapienza Università di Roma


Laura Moro

Laura Moro, Central Institute for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage 

Carlo Birrozzi

Carlo Birrozzi, Central Institute for Catalog and Documentation 


Elisabetta Reale, Central Institute for Archives

Simonetta Butto

Simonetta Buttò, Central Institute for the Single Catalog