Waiting for #ICARoma2022 - Not just papers: the archive as an expression of the variety of cultural heritage

Live streaming 17.00 pm ROME TIME

The archive is not just paper. There are many archives in which it is necessary to compare matters, materials and objects that are very different from traditional ones, such as to require a specialized approach and sometimes original solutions. It is therefore appropriate to reflect on the way in which traditional descriptive models are adequate to represent such realities, in which the archive document takes on such varied forms.

To discuss about this theme, Giorgetta Bonfiglio Dosio will present the complexity and variety of company archives; Danilo Craveia will focus in particular on the archives of the textile industry; Simona Turco will tackle the theme of photographic archives; Maria Francesca Stamuli will explore the documentary landscape linked to oral sources; and Manuel Rossi will tell us about the archives of the show business. Giovanni Michetti will moderate.

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Giovanni Michetti

Giovanni Michetti, Sapienza Università di Roma 


Giorgetta Bonfiglio Dosio

Giorgetta Bonfiglio Dosio, Archivistics Professor 

Danilo Craveia

Danilo Craveia, Archivist

Manuel Rossi

Manuel Rossi

Simona Turco

Simona Turco, State Archivist Officer

Maria Francesca Stamuli

Maria Francesca Stamuli, Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica della Toscana