Waiting for Seoul: Yujue Wang, New Professional 2016-2017

ICA New Professionals | 22 August 2016

Going on with introducing the members of the New Professionals Programme of the year, this week we meet Yujue Wang, from China.

"I began my  archival studies from 2004 in Wuhan University. After my master's degree in 2011, I lived in France to continue my research. Then I got my doctorate in the École nationale des chartes in July 2014. Now I have come back to Wuhan University (China) and am a junior lecturer in the School of Information Management where my major study began.

From my experience of learning archival science in China and France, I think there is a big gap between Chinese and western archival research. As the most populous country in the world, in China, there are 35 Universities that have this major, and at least 500 teachers (including researchers) work for archival education. But it is a pity that they are rarely involved in the ICA or other international organizations. As a new professor, I want to build a bridge of communication between Chinese archivists and those in other countries, and make the world learn more about our practice and research in the field of archives. This is why I joined the new professional program. Besides that, I am one of the few Chinese archivists who can speak French. Therefore, I’d like to do something to ensure that there are more opportunities for Chinese archivists to exchange and communicate with French-speaking countries."