We are Seeking Mentors! The deadline is until Monday 12 October

The ICA welcomes applications from mid-career and senior records and archives professionals from around the world to serve as Mentors for the New Professionals Programme

Both mid-career and more experienced professionals are encouraged to participate. A Mentor does not need to be a senior professional; mid-career professionals are strongly encouraged to consider becoming Mentors, as they can offer valuable insights for Active New Professionals particularly around issues of career progression, continuing education, and professional development. 

Mentors commit to providing about 4-8 hours a month to liaise with and support a New Professional over the year in which the New Professional is considered ‘active,’ providing support and advice on professional and career-oriented issues. Mentors may also review draft articles or reports written by the Active New Professional for publication on the ICA’s website, in FLASH, or in another appropriate ICA publication.  

Mentors must be either individual members of the ICA (Category D) or people who work for Category A or Category C members of the ICA. Because Category B membership is specifically for designated representatives of regional, national, or international associations, which could have hundreds of their own members, it is not logistically possible for the ICA to include professionals who belong to Category B member organizations. 

Want to know more? 

Full details about the Mentorship programme and the application process can be found at https://www.ica.org/en/mentoring-programme.

For questions about the New Professionals Programme in general, please contact newprofessionals@ica.org. For questions specifically about the work of Mentors and Conference Buddies, please contact the ICA’s Conference Buddy/Mentor Liaison, at Millar@ica.org

Deadline: Monday, October 12th.