YAOUNDÉ DECLARATION. Recommendations for the preservation of and access to analogue and digital photo and film archives in Cameroon

African Photography Initiatives and the subscribers of the YAOUNDÉ DECLARATION wish to generate a greater understanding of the inescapable value of photographs and films and analogue as well as digital archives for the future of studies in historic, human and social sciences. They call on the government and other stakeholders in Cameroon to make every effort in order to protect and make accessible for public use the country’s photographic and cinematographic heritage. The Yaoundé Declaration was presented on November 9 at the University of Yaoundé I in the framework of an international conference. Endorsed by the vice-chancellor of the University, the organizers of the conference and over 50 first signatories from Cameroun, the Yaoundé Declaration will be included as first recommendation in the proceedings of the conference.

As a first step the Yaoundé Declaration recommends the recognition of the Buea Press Photo Archives as cultural property as intended in the law (L2013/003) on Cultural Heritage in Cameroon from 18 April 2013. The Yaoundé Declaration with the list of the signatories will be handed over to the Ministries of Communication and Art and Culture in due course.

Yaoundé Declaration online