Equipo Extendido de la Secretaría

David LEITCH, Strategic Advisor


He has been asked by the Elected Officers to carry out a fundamental review of ICA’s strategy, statutes and structures, and to develop clear recommendations for change where appropriate. This wide ranging piece of work, which should be completed in early 2019, is intended to provide a blueprint for ICA’s organization and activities well into the next decade. It will include a consideration of the changing environment in which ICA operates and comparisons with similar organizations covering closely related fields.

Margaret CROCKETT, Deputy Secretary General


Margaret works for ICA as Deputy Secretary General on a consultancy basis two days a week. She is primarily responsible for advising and supporting the VP Programme and the Programme Commission on all matters pertaining to ICA's professional content. She acts as Secretary to the Programme Commission, giving guidance to the Programme Officer and coordinating volunteers who have roles in the professional programme function. She prepares the agenda, reports and documentation for PCOM meetings, and edits and disseminates minutes.

Margaret works with the relevant committee or team to develop themes for annual Conference and Congress and advises on mechanisms and processes for calls for papers and selection of speakers for conference programmes. She oversees the project register, administration of PCOM calls for papers, project proposals and bursary schemes, preparation of text about programme activities for publication on the ICA website and in Flash, and updates to the PCOM workspace. She also coordinates with regional branches, sections and expert groups in relation to professional activities. In 2017 she will be focusing on the development and implementation of ICA’s training and e-learning policy and strategy. As DSG Margaret attends ICA governance meetings and provides support, advice, written reports and professional expertise. She supports and deputises for the Secretary General as directed by him.p>

Cécile FABRIS, Coordinator for the New Professionals Programme


Cécile Fabris studied at the École nationale des Chartes and is now the Assistant Director at the Archives départementales of Seine-et-Marne, near Paris. She mostly manages conservation, records management and collection issues.
She joined ICA in 2008 during the Kuala Lumpur Congress, where she was part of the Flying Reporters team and continued with this role in 2009 and 2010. She then participated in the translation and adaptation in French of the Good Governance toolkit, and ran training sessions on this tool in Burkina Faso, Haïti, and during the Girona Conference 2014. Since then she is a member of PCOM and coordinates the New Professionals Programme. This pro-bono activity is done on her free time.       

Céline FERNANDEZ, Community Manager


A municipal archivist for about 10 years, Céline has been working for ICA since 2013. She is a member of the Communications Team and is responsible for the ICA’s official social media accounts. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Advocacy Expert Group (AEG) and the Section of Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives (SLMT). On occasion, she also writes articles and produces English-French translations. This is a pro-bono activity done on her free time.

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Didier GRANGE, Special Adviser


After having held various elective or volontary positions within the ICA, Didier became “Special adviser” in 2010.

As such he carries various tasks for the ICA Secretariat. Also, he keeps track of developments on ICA and the archival world generally. He assists Margaret Crockett, in organizing and conducting the Annual Conference, he has contributed to the reflexions on the programme of different Congresses (Brisbane 2012, Annual Conference 2013 and Seoul 2016), he represents ICA on the Portail international Archivistique Francophone (PIAF) where he chairs the Steering Committee, he is a member of the Programme Commission (PCOM) and chairs the Expert Group on Legal Matters (EGLM).

At the request of the President or the Secretary General, he represents the ICA in negotiations and conferences for example, and, finally, he deals with different ad hoc subjects. Occasionally, he also writes texts and does translations. This activity is pro-bono and done on his free time

James LOWRY, Secretary of the Africa Programme


James Lowry is a lecturer at the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies. He was Deputy Director of the International Records Management Trust following a career in public sector records and archives management in the UK and Australia. He is Secretary to the ICA's Africa Programme, an ex-officio member of the Programme Commission, and a member of the Comma editorial board. This pro-bono activity is done in his free time. He is also Chair of the Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers (ACARM) and a trustee of the International Records Management Trust. His recent publications include Displaced Archives, published by Routledge in 2017.

Margaret TURNER, Translations and Publications Adviser


Margaret Turner, as Translations and Publications Adviser, is responsible for ensuring firstly that all key documents of ICA are made available in the 6 principal UNESCO languages (English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) and secondly, by working collaboratively with ICA Branches and Sections to investigate ways in which the translation of other ICA material can be made available in a wide variety of languages. She is also principal minute taker for meetings of the Executive Board and the Programme Commission. This pro-bono activity is done on her free time.

You can contact Margaret if you wish to join the dynamic team of the ICA translators or even translate only one specific document in your mother tongue.