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About ICA's Secretariat Archives:

The archives of the ICA Secretariat date from its creation in 1948. They document the life, functions and development of ICA. The archives document significant events, like the international Congresses, landmark resolutions, expert position papers (like the question of the archival claims) and the establishment of sections such as SPA .

The files (up to 1992) have been sorted and an inventory list created. An agreement was signed with the French National Archives and the archives are on deposit at the Fontainebleau Branch. The ICA archives are freely accessible. Should you wish to consult them, please inform the Secretariat first. The catalogue, in French only at present, is available on request from the Secretariat and at Fontainebleau. These archives are in paper format.

The archives of ICA branches, sections and working groups are kept in the regions or by an officer of the entity.


Find ICA's archived resources in the following categories: 

Past Resources

 Archival Automation (ICA Bibliography 1), 1990

 Archives and archivists serving the protection of the cultural and natural heritages, CITRA 1990

 Guidelines on Lobbying and Public Campaigns for Professional Associations, 2000

 Case studies on buildings, 2000

 CBPS Description Committee meetings, 2000

 CBPS - Progress report for revising and harmonising ICA descriptive standards, 2002

 CBPS - Relationship in archival descriptive systems, 2002

 Manual Organizacion y control de expediente de archivo, 2002

 DRAFT Principles for Archives and Record Legislation, 2005

 Ensuring Long-Term Preservation an Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data, 2006

 ICA Study n°19: Committee on Archival Legal Matters, 1996-2004, 2006

 Report on Competenties Accreditation Certification, April 2007

 List of Publications of ICA Category B Members (Professional Associations), 2009

 ICA Study n°12: Market Survey of Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf Archival Management Software, 2010

 Developing a competency model: guidelines and best practices, 2010


Past Resources about digital archives

 ICA Study n°9: Electronic Records Programs, Report on the 1994-1995 survey, 1996

 Networked Electronic Information in the Internet and Intranet Environments, 2000

National and Federal Archives: Results of a Survey of Category A Members of ICA, 2002

 The Curator's workbench: Engaging Archivists through Tools for Digital Content, 2002

 Digital Black Hole, 2004

 Digital Repository : The project E-depot Rotterdam, 2004

 eArchiving Digital Record Exchange Standard Jurisdictional Survey, 2006

 Metadata and the Management of Current Records in Digital Form, 2011

 Preservation of digital heritage, 2012

 Aligning national approaches to digital preservation, 2011 

 Avoiding Amnesia in a Digital World


Past Projects

 2005 : Project Appraisal in Latin America - SLMT

 How to use Description Standards?, 2009

 Archival research and researchers, 2010

 2003 - 2010 : Archival Solidarity Project - SPA, 2010

 2009 -2010 : Experts workshop on Records and Archives - SARBICA, 2010 

 2009-2010 : Publication on SARBICA Exclusive Heritage – Coffee Table book, 2010

 2010 - Twinning archives project by SPP

 Online Directory of Archival Education, 2011

 Organizing an emergency treatment centre for damaged cultural goods, 2011

 Vital records of municipal administration: identification and recommendations for preservation, 2011

 APEnet – Associate Partners Liaison Group (APEnet = Archives Portal Europe project group), 2011

 2012 : Project -Vital records of municipal administration - SLMT

 2012 : Sporting Cities by SLMT and SPO

 Appraisal in Latin America-3rd FIED, 2012

 Archives building resource pack, 2012

 Archives of the Olympic cities, 2012

 Project on e-services for cross-border municipal archives in Estonia and Russia, 2013

 Promoting the Church Archives, 2013

 Solomon Islands: Conservation project, 2014

 Train the trainer e-learning programme, 2015

 Training the trainers resource pack: translation project, 2016

 Atlantic Africa: from records to knowledge, 17th-19th centuries

 Directory of Resources for Literary Copyright


Past News

 Guyana: Initial Training Programme in Archives and Records Management for Untrained Staff, 2009

 ICA Governance meetings in Bali, Indonesia, 2010

 Meeting of Architectural Records, archives of parliaments and political parties. The work of the archivists, architects and the users of the archives, 2010

 AC2013 Opening ceremony