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25 Noviembre 2017

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The Expert Group on Archival Buildings & Environments of the International Council on Archives is pleased to announce the publication of the updated third volume of the bibliography on archive buildings and equipment.

This latest edition of the bibliography supplements the previous 2003 edition and contains bibliographic citations dating from 2000 to 2017. Some new classifications relating to archival facilities have been added and some classifications have no citations at this time.

A few older citations are repeated in this volume because they continue to have current relevance as key sources. As far as possible, the bibliography adheres to the ICA’s principal languages of English and French.

The new edition is designed as a “living” document and so it is intended to periodically add to the bibliography, with the prospect of submissions from a wider variety of countries, and so fully represent ICA membership. ICA members and other professionals are invited to submit published references to be considered for addition in future updates.

The updated Volume 3 was completed during the period 2015 to 2017 by Michele F. Pacifico, an Archival Facility Consultant in the United States, with assistance from Jonathan Rhys-Lewis. France Saïe-Belaïsch from the Directorate of the French Archives has provided the French translation.

If you have any queries about the bibliography, or would like to see specific items added to it, or are aware of any errors that may be present, please email Michele F. Pacifico directly at martinpacifico@comcast.net.

Jonathan Rhys-Lewis


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