ICA-Req Implementation Guidance and Training Products

Date Added:

8 Enero 2014

In 2008 the International Congress of Archives published three modules of its Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Environments (ICA-Req). These requirements have been endorsed in a number of jurisdictions and have been adopted by the International Standards Organization and published as ISO 16175 .
ICA-Req (ISO 16175) provides the internationally agreed principles and functional requirements for software used to create digital information in office environments.
To assist ICA members and others to understand and implement the principles and functional requirements, the following ICA-Req Implementation Guidelines and Training Products have been developed, offering:

  1. A set of practical implementation guidelines with scenario variants and case studies;
  2. Training packages for ICA-Req Modules 2 and 3 consisting of customisable training exercises, slides and workbooks.

The Overview, advocacy brochures and case studies are freely available.
Detailed implementation guidance and training material is only available to members of the ICA.