ICA List-serv

Welcome to ICA List-serv, the list-serv of the International Council on Archives

This email distribution list aims to provide a venue for pooling information on archival issues internationally and for the discussion of all aspects of archival theory and practice.

It is an ideal way for ICA bodies to distribute information about themselves and their activities, and also to share information between members.


The list is, however, not restricted to ICA members alone. It is open to all with an interest in the archival profession, the preservation and promotion of records and archives, and good recordkeeping practices.


Please use the list actively and so help ICA maintain and strengthen the flow of high-quality professional information across borders.


To subscribe to ICA List-serv

There are two ways to subscribe to ICA List-serv.

1. By Email. Send an email message to:


And enter SUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT field OR the BODY of your message, and send the message.

Once subscribed, you will receive a Welcome message advising you on how to use the listserv.


2. Through the Web. Open the Subscriber's page:


At the bottom of the screen there is a section SUBSCRIBING TO ICA-L, enter your email address and a password of your choice, then confirm the password, and click on the SUBSCRIBE button.

You will receive a welcome message with information on how to use ICA-L

The Web page above also contains useful information on using ICA-L, changing subscription options, unsubscribing and consulting the archives.


Features of the ICA-L list:

You can CUSTOMISE your subscription on:


  • You can receive information and instructions about the ICA-L list in 25 different LANGUAGES (but not the messages themselves: these tend to be in English and French, although other languages are accepted)
  • If you wish to receive your ICA-L mail at a different RHYTHM, you can ask for an Index or a Digest of the mails to be sent
  • You can change your PRIVACY options
  • If you are going on HOLIDAY you can ask the list to disable your subscription temporarily
  • Messages posted to the list are archived and made available on the Web. Log on to the ARCHIVES at: http://www.mailman.srv.ualberta.ca/mailman/private/ica-l. You can search the messages by subject, author, date, or do a keyword search.