Congreso Internacional

ICA | 26 April 2021

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The ICA Congress takes place every four years. It is much bigger than the Annual Conferences and is even more open, with no preferential registration period for members. The professional programme development is led by ICA’s Programme Commission through a Programme Committee with representatives from the ICA network and the host organization. The programme aims to capture the best examples of archival and records management achievement during the previous 4 years and to act as a discussion and planning forum and signpost for the future cycle.

The Congress usually attracts well over 1000 archives and records management professionals.

The programme runs for 3 to 5 days with workshops as well as lectures, panel discussions and smaller debates. Speakers include the most distinguished theorists and practitioners in the international arena and also represent all of ICA’s diverse membership.  

Participants include archivists and records managers from all countries and regions of the ICA network and new professionals also participate and present. The trade fair is usually a vibrant and friendly venue to learn about new products and initiatives. There is also often the chance to visit archival institutions as well as do more general sight-seeing.

The Congress offers a unique chance to network with fellow professionals, learn about what other parts of the profession and other parts of the world are doing and to share your own experiences, challenges and achievements.