7. Nouveaux professionnels

Veuillez noter que les synthèses et les biographies remises par les intervenants ont été publiées en l'état. Les différents documents remis pour le Congrès 2016 n’ont été ni traduits ni corrigés, cette décision de l’ICA étant de nature à mieux faire ressortir la diversité et le caractère international de l’association, comme vous pourrez le constater par vous-mêmes.

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Date : Thursday 8 September 2016 09:50-11:20

Room : HALL E3+4

Presentations : P095 / P096 / P097

P095 A Case Study on Establishing an Archives: Insights from a New Archives Professional

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In 2014, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Archives was formally established as a separate unit through institutionalizing it in a Department Order. The DFA Archives was created pursuant to the Philippines’ Republic Act No. 9470, otherwise known as the “National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007” wherein all government offices are required to establish and maintain an active continuing program towards an efficient and economical management methods of public records, such as the archives project. The DFA Archives was tasked to serve as the official and central repository of non-current records with enduring historical, research, legal, administrative and fiscal value. But in 2013, the DFA already hired professional staff (two archivist and an archives consultant) to support the establishment of the DFA Archives.

This paper aims to shed light to the experience of a new archives professional in contributing to the establishment of the DFA Archives. Considering the landscape of archives professionals in the Philippines, this paper will provide insights on their experience in the DFA Archives relative to the professional education and training available.This shall discuss the unique issues, challenges and opportunities encountered by the archivist during the process of working in the initial phase of the establishment of the DFA Archives.

On the perspective of a new archives professional, in general, this paper provides an analysis to a case study on the role of the new archives professional in establishing the DFA Archives, with implications to continuing professional development needs and networking. This paper aims to provide a case study towards a guide for new archives professionals in similar situations, and a basis for the development of future professional programs or activities for new archives professionals. This paper will also benefit the top management of organizations, and new professionals tasked to establish similar archives.

Martin Julius PEREZ

Martin Julius Perez is a young librarian and archivist from the Philippines. He is one of the archivists of the newly instituted Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Archives, and a lecturer on archives and records management in the School of Library and Information Studies of the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman.

He finished his bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science (LIS) in 2011 with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude, and currently taking a master’s degree in LIS, both with units in Archives in UP Diliman. He ranked 2nd in the statewide 2011 Librarians’ Licensure Examination. He, together with 4 other Fellows, finished in 2015 the Jay Jordan IFLA OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program in the USA, which provides early career development and continuing education for LIS professionals from countries with developing economies. He also underwent a local apprenticeship training in various archives institutions in Manila, Philippines through a government grant. He formerly worked for the Sto. Domingo Convent Archives and Library, Far Eastern University Library, and Carlos P. Romulo Library of the Foreign Service Institute, in the Philippines. His educational background and work experiences have cultivated his interest in archives and records management.


P096 Aramcorama: Storifying the Archival Content

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This paper will examine the utilization of Saudi Aramco's archives- over 80 years of rich technical, archaeological, and cultural records of significance to Saudi culture - in the development of a state of the art historical exhibition- "Aramcorama".  The exhibit celebrates the story of cooperation on a global level that led to the development of the world's leading supplier of energy.  The 560 square meter interactive exhibit showcases the company's history while highlighting how the diversity of cultures that developed Saudi Arabia's energy production became a source for cultural experience.  Drawing on company archives, subject areas - such as the eradication of malaria, development of schools and hospitals, universities, television stations, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, human capital and the promotion of women in the workplace - are explored in depth.  The paper will trace the development of the exhibition's various elements including content and narrative development, language translation, IT system design, and objects selection, that in combination work toward humanizing the history of Saudi Aramco, an industrial company on a global scale.  The paper considers Aramcorama's success in utilizing archives to reach out to audience of multiple age-groups, to meet the requirements of both the company and the wider public.


Abdullah Al-Abdullah, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah is the head of Library & Archive at King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. He is responsible for the collection development, eLibrary procurement, hiring and training, programs development for the Center library. He is also responsible for the development of the Central archive of Saudi Aramco as well as the rare books collection. He has 7 years experience working for Saudi Aramco. Abdullah worked on localizing enterprises at New Business Development department. He managed the development of visitor, food and retail services for King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. He has a bachelor degree in marketing from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals and an MBA from University of South Florida.

Adam Reynolds, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Arabia

Adam is an archivist at the King Abdulaziz Center, a Saudi Aramco initiative. He is responsible for consolidating, preserving and promoting the history of the world’s largest petroleum and natural gas company, and subsequently developing engaging programming. Adam has over ten years’ experience of archives management in the UK and Middle East, based primarily within the business sector, as well as arts and education sectors, including the management of collections since inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Adam’s firsthand experience of heritage management across multiple cultures is a continual asset in working toward cultural understanding and knowledge advancement. Adam as an MA in Archives and Records Management from UCL.


P097 Up and AtoM: Project Genesis at the Borthwick Institute for Archives

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In 2015 the Borthwick Institute for Archives launched Project Genesis, using AtoM to create the repository’s first online catalogue.  Its implementation has encouraged us to look critically at our own practices in comparison with those of other AtoM users, and to create an archive management system that balances old and new in the interests of greater accessibility, whether by reappraising the value of traditional hierarchical catalogues online; by providing digital surrogates of records at item level; or through the incorporation of born-digital records through future integration with Archivematica. 

More broadly, Genesis has allowed us to explore new ways of sharing this information via national and international aggregators such as Archives Portal Europe (APE).  AtoM’s multi-lingual standards based framework has been designed to accommodate different local and national descriptive standards, making it an ideal tool for sharing raw information seamlessly across borders.  In short, the aim of Project Genesis is not to create a single point of truth that can only be accessed through our own website, but rather to create updated, authentic and reliable catalogue information that can be harvested from AtoM by multiple agents worldwide. 

Using Genesis as a case study, this paper will explore the rationale behind the project and the opportunities AtoM offers for greater cooperation and collaboration between archive repositories and sister professions.  It will discuss the ways in which the project has provoked intergenerational dialogue between new professionals and experienced archivists regarding the relevance of traditional archival processes to the needs of the modern researcher and the prioritising of accessibility.  It will argue that in today’s global archives world, collaboration, and the creation of accurate and discoverable information about archival collections that can be easily shared across borders and platforms, is not only desirable but essential if our organisations are to stay relevant and inclusive.

Sally-Anne SHEARN

Sally-Anne SHEARN, Borthwick Institute for Archives, United Kingdom

Dr Sally-Anne Shearn completed her Diploma in Archives and Records Management in January 2014 through the University of Dundee. She has worked at the Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York since March 2014, and was appointed Genesis Project Archivist in April 2015.  The Genesis Project will run until 2017.



Date : Thursday 8 September 2016 17:00-18:30

Room : HALL E1+2

P146 Introducing the New Professionals

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Le Programme Nouveaux Professionnels, lancé par la Commission du Programme en 2014 à destination des étudiants et stagiaires en archivistique et des professionnels en poste depuis moins de 5 ans, vise à leur permettre de s’engager auprès de l’ICA, à mettre en œuvre des échanges réciproques, en leur permettant d’acquérir une expérience utile au niveau international et de former des amitiés et réseaux autour du globe pour toute leur carrière.
Cette intervention entend présenter le Programme, détailler ses réalisations et introduire l’équipe de huit boursiers membres du Programme pour 2015-2016, qui participent au Congrès à ce titre. Elle sera surtout consacrée à la grande enquête qu’ils ont lancée sur les nouveaux professionnels dans le monde pour connaître leurs parcours et leurs attentes et proposer des pistes d’action à l’ICA.

The New Professionals Programme, launched by PCOM in 2014 for students and trainees in archive science and individuals working in archives and records management for less than 5 years, aims to offer them the opportunity to engage with ICA in a reciprocal way, enabling them to gain valuable experience at an international level and to establish career-long friendships and networks across the world.
This session will present the New Professionals Programme, detail its achievements, and introduce the team of eight Congress bursary holders for 2015-2016. The session will discuss the survey these bursary holders launched to get to know new professionals around the world, their backgrounds and their expectations. The results of the survey will be analyzed and used to further develop and make improvements to the New Professionals Programme.


Cécile FABRIS, International Council on Archives, France

Archiviste paléographe et conservatrice du patrimoine, Cécile Fabris est sous-directrice des Archives départementales de Seine-et-Marne où elle gère notamment les questions de conservation matérielle, de records management et de collecte.
Elle a rejoint l’ICA en 2008, à l’occasion du Congrès de Kuala Lumpur, où elle a fait partie de l’équipe des « Reporters volants ». Elle a poursuivi ce rôle pour les CITRA en 2009 et 2010. Elle a participé à la traduction et l’adaptation en français de la boîte à outils « Bon archivage pour une bonne gouvernance » et a assuré des sessions de formation à cet outil au Burkina Faso, à Haïti et lors de la Conférence de Gérone. Depuis 2014 elle a rejoint la Commission du Programme, pour laquelle elle coordonne le Programme Nouveaux Professionnels.
Cécile Fabris studied at the École nationale des chartes and works now at the Archives départementales of Seine-et-Marne, near Paris. She mostly manages conservation, records management and collection issues.
She joined ICA in 2008 during the Kuala Lumpur Congress, where she was part of the Flying Reporters team. She went on with this role during the CITRA in 2009 and 2010. She then participated in the translation and adaptation in French of the Good Governance toolkit, and ran training sessions on this tool in Burkina Faso, Haïti, and during the Girona Conference. Since 2014 she is a member of PCOM and coordinates the New Professionals Programme.


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Date : Friday 9 September 2016 11:45-13:15

Room : 307

Presentations : P200 / P201

P200 Business process reengineering of archives under the perspective of public service

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Improving the public service ability of archives, is not only a strong response to people of the growing demand of information, it’s also the responsibility and essential requirements of the archives.The theory of process reengineering originated in the enterprise management it lets us reflect on the disadvantages of traditional archives work flow. Under its guidance, we apply the modern information technology to reengineer the original organization structure and the working process of the archive department.Turning the operation in accordance with the order of “collection-storage-utilization” into the integrated service under a joint coordination mechanism.After the process reengineering , a new department-- business processing center will become the core of the whole organization system, It integrated traditional archives business management, development, services, skills training, archives publicity work into the business processing center to complete. Business processing center will work in different groups according to the requirements of different users,It manage and develop the archival resources and face the users of archives directly. With the support of the modern information technology. The traditional archives collection and comprehensive management department will be improved in the Working mode and working efficiency , Helping reengineering process to operate stability .

Caixia FU

Caixia FU, The Chinese society of archives, China

Female; born in Dongkou county of Shaoyang city, HuNan province; Master of Laws; senior staff member of Archives bureau of HuNan province .


P201 Cooperation between Archives and their "outside" partnerships

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Yujue WANG

Yujue WANG, Université de Wuhan, China

Yujue WANG Maître de conférences à l’université de Wuhan (Chine)   Elle a soutenu sa recherche doctorale le 11 juillet 2014 avec la mention très honorable. Après avoir son diplôme doctorat en France, elle a été élue maître de conférence à l’université de Wuhan en mars 2015.  Elle est actuellement chargée des cours d’archivistique.   Publications Récentes • 1、Yujue WANG, Business Archives in China:History and state of the art,ICA/SBA 2015 Conference, 15-16 June, Milan • 2、Yujue WANG, « Archives de Chine et chercheurs étrangers : Les conditions de la recherche dans les services d’archives chinois » (issue : 2015.02), Comma. • 3、Y. WANG, « Politique de communication des archives. De l’archiviste vers le public : une étude comparative entre la France et la Chine ». Journée des doctorants : l’écrit aux mains du pouvoir, (15 mai 2014).