The Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit (the Toolkit) has been produced by PARBICA for Pacific archivists to better equip government agencies across the Pacific to improve the state of recordkeeping within their administrations.

The toolkit consist of:

  • a brochure and poster aimed at permanent secretaries, chief executive officers and other departmental heads that explains their responsibilities in relation to recordkeeping, and highlights the benefits of ensuring that those responsibilities are met;
  • a checklist to help an organisation ascertain whether it has in place the things it needs to manage records well;
  • guidelines for Pacific Island archivists and records managers on how to identify, document, communicate and fulfil public sector recordkeeping requirements;
  • guidelines to help develop a comprehensive record plan policy and model and implementation guidelines;
  • guidelines on record classification;
  • guidelines to help an organisation develop a core business functions record plan and implement this with the administrative records plan;
  • a ‘Train the Trainer’ guideline to help deliver the Toolkit to government administrations (coming soon)
  • PowerPoint slides that will help our members introduce and explain these products in their own countries.

The PARBICA Bureau, assisted by the National Archives of Australia (NAA) and Archives New Zealand (ANZ), has accepted responsibility for maintaining, distributing and updating the modules of the Toolkit for as long as they are needed and remain useful.

The Toolkit has been produced through a collaborative process with input from a variety of archivists from across the Pacific. The PARBICA Bureau would like to acknowledge the assistance AusAID and NZaid who provided funding assistance for the development of the Toolkit.

PARBICA is committed to continuing to add to the Toolkit so that we can develop world-class tools for good recordkeeping that are relevant to our Pacific environment. The PARBICA Bureau welcomes comments and suggestions from any interested party. If you would like to provide feedback or suggest areas or topics that PARBICA should cover in future parts of the Toolkit, please contact the PARBICA Secretary-General. 

Menu for Guidelines:

  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Introduction
  • Guideline 1: Recordkeeping Capacity Checklist
  • Guideline 2: Identifying Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Guideline 3: Model Recordkeeping Policy
  • Guideline 4: Administrative Record Plan
  • Guideline 5: Adapting and Implementing the PARBICA Administrative Record Plan
  • Guideline 6: Developing and Implementing Records Plans for Core Business Functions
  • Guideline 7: Disposal Schedule for Common Administrative Functions
  • Guideline 8: Implementing the Disposal Schedule for Common Administrative Functions
  • Guideline 9: Adapting the Disposal Schedule for Common Administrative Functions
  • Guideline 10: Starting an Appraisal Programme
  • Guideline 11: Training Pacific Island Government Officers in Using PARBICA’s Toolkit – Train the Trainer (coming soon)

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