Iniatives by the Bulgarian Archive Agency to celebrate the International Archives Day

On the 9th of June – International Archives Day – the Bulgarian Archives State Agency will be announcing several initiatives:

• The 2016 nominations for reader, donor and friend of the archives (11 am);

• Presentation of a new ASA digital project – providing access to 1082 early printed Jewish books, printed in Constantinople (Istanbul), Salonika (Thessaloniki) and Smyrna (Izmir). The books are part of Central State Archives fonds 1568K Jewish documents and early printed books. These are very rare examples of early Jewish printing and provide valuable information about the history of the Jewish community – the everyday life, culture and economy of the Jewish people in Bulgaria and the Balkans for a period of five centuries (11 am);

• The joint exhibition Allied. Bavaria and Bulgaria during the First World War, organized by the ASA and the Bavarian State Archives. During the exhibition, for the first time will be presented the film Makenzen's victory campaign through Dobrudzha, presenting the events from a century ago in an intriguing and gripping way (5 pm).