The National Center for Archives and Records in Saudi Arabia celebrated the international archives day on the 9th of June through several activities. Among them was organizing a special workshop at the King Abdulaziz Historical center in Riyadh titled (the National Center for Archives and Records and Future Cooperation with Academic Specialists) which focused on several aspects such as the use of the specialists expertise in the process of the center’s work, development of college curriculum on archiving to accommodate the latest laws and procedures, the training of students on archiving at the center, and publishing special studies on archiving and its role on friendship and cohesion of societies.
Among other activities also the center did was the awareness campaign about the international archives day and archives in general through social media and news.
The center also held a special exhibition on archives and friendship at the National Museum in Riyadh for three days on this occasion which attracted many public visitors. The exhibition included information on the archives, the ICA, the IAD and the center activities.
These activities were attended and supervised by the General Supervisor of the National Center for Archives and Records in Saudi Arabia Dr. Fahd Al-Semmari. 
On the 9th of June from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm