To start the membership application process, please fill in the application form and follow the steps indicated for making your payment.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits offered for Category D members, the following grid lists the membership advantages depending on the status of your membership 

An individual member (Category D) can be:

  • In good standing
  • In good standing with a 3-month grace period (1 January – 30 March)
  • Lapsed

(**) ICA members can take part in the activities of different sections and branches as appropriate but they must be affiliated to a section to have certain privileges such as holding office in that section (for example as a bureau member) or voting at an annual general meeting of that section.

The ICA Membership Benefits Grid is a reference document developed and updated by the ICA Secretariat and validated by the Executive Board (EB 13-14/03/2023). The Membership benefits package will be regularly updated depending on the strategic orientations of the organisation and will be added as an appendix to the Membership scale of dues presented at the governance meetings.   

The definition of the right holders, learners, and other details are included in the ICA Membership Benefits Grid – March 2023. 

ICA Membership Benefits Grid - May 2024

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