FIDA Project Funding

FIDA Projects 

At ICA, we are very proud of the wide variety of projects FIDA has funded since 2010. Each year, the Fund issues a Call for Projects and between 4 and 6 grants are awarded to projects that comply with its guidelines. These projects span the globe and cover a wide array of archival activities. 

FIDA has supported projects in many regions, including Africa, South America, the West Indies, South East Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Successful projects have included, among many others, training in various basic archival skills and other capacity building initiatives; appraisal, processing and preservation of records; creation of a website to facilitate access to information; development and organisation of a new archive. 


Interested in Applying? 

Do you have a project that you think could be eligible for a FIDA grant? Check first to see if a FIDA Call for Projects is currently in progress! A new Call for Projects is made every year, beginning usually in June/July and ending in August/September.