Expert Groups

Expert Groups each consist of a selected number of professionals with proven expertise in the issues or concerns of a particular sector. There are currently 11 Expert Groups, bringing together leaders, activists, senior professionals and representatives of international organisations to discuss and collaborate on topics as diverse as Indigenous Issues, Shared Archival Heritage, Audiovisual Heritage and Archival Description.

Expert Groups are established by the Executive Board, acting on recommendations from the Programme Commission. Members are selected for their proven expertise in specific fields. They must either be employed in institutions which are ICA members and registered as right-holders of their institution or themselves be individual members of ICA.

To find out more about the different Expert Groups, see the full list below.   

Want to join an Expert Group?    

If you are an ICA member and have expertise and a keen interest in the topics concerned by the work of these groups, please check the latest call for expressions of interest to discover how to nominate yourself to become a member of an ICA Expert Group.  

If you have any questions, contact us at and you will be contacted by a member of the PCOM team.  


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