About the Programme Commission

The Programme Commission (PCOM) is the ‘engine room’ of the ICA. It is responsible for the professional and technical programme and for overseeing ICA Congresses and Conferences, Expert Groups, funding for professional projects, as well as strategic initiatives such as the New Professionals, Africa and Training Programmes.   

PCOM members are leading archival and records management sector professionals, representing a multitude of different cultural traditions, regions and areas of expertise. It comprises the following voting members: 

  • the Vice-President Programme, who act as Chair, and is elected by the association’s members as part of ICA general election procedures; 
  • one (1) representative per ongoing Strategic Programme (currently 2 – New Professionals Programme Liaison and Training Programme Liaison) elected by PCOM members; 
  • one (1) Early Career Representative elected by PCOM members; 
  • seven (7) PCOM Representatives elected by ICA members. 


Professional Programme 

The professional and technical programme, spearheaded by the Programme Commission, represents the combined efforts of ICA’s global network of volunteers towards implementing the organisation’s strategic objectives.  

The programme is designed to generate products and initiatives that will fulfil ICA’s long-term objectives as set out in its constitution, in accordance with the association’s fundamental principles of professional solidarity, international cooperation and cultural diversity. 

PCOM’s current programmes are: 

  • New Professionals Programme: a bursary scheme for new professionals (less than 5 years of archive and records management experience). This programme supports grantees in in attending the ICA Conferences/Congresses, participating in ICA events and other activities, establishing networks, and expanding their professional knowledge.  
  • Africa Programme: a programme designed to deliver ICA’s Africa Strategy. Advocacy and training are at the heart of this strategy and, as such, the Programme aims to consolidate regional branch networks, promote the role played by national archives vis-à-vis governments, and support university-level recordkeeping curriculum development.  
  • Training Programme: a programme aimed at providing ICA members and the archival community at large with high quality training opportunities over the full range of archive and recordkeeping competencies by means of a variety of delivery methods including online learning solutions. 


Want to contribute to the Professional Programme? 

The professional programme is constantly under construction: every year new projects and products, conferences and seminars, standards and publications are proposed by and to ICA’s members. Above all, the programme relies on and seeks to respond to members’ needs, expectations and ideas. So, while the ICA provides the operational framework, it is up to our members to decide on the content! 

This is why the work and initiatives of the Regional Branches, Professional Sections and Expert Groups feed into and are supported by the professional programme. In addition, if you belong to one of these groups or are an ICA member with an innovative project that corresponds to a real professional need, visit the PCOM funding application page to find out how to apply for PCOM financial support.