About FIDA

FIDA Supports archives and archivists 

The purpose of the ICA’s Fund for International Development of Archives (FIDA) is to support the development of archives and archivists in countries, regions and communities where archive and record management activities are suboptimal for want of adequate resources and/or training opportunities or for other reasons. FIDA is a specific system of grants designed to support projects aimed at developing an archive or supporting individual archivists, through career development, mentoring and other methods, the overarching aim being to enable archives and their archivists to acquire the professional and management competencies needed to manage the archives in their countries, regions or communities. 

Since 2010, FIDA has supported projects in all regions of the globe, including in Africa, South America, the West Indies, South East Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific. Successful projects range from training in various basic archival skills, such as records management, appraisal and preservation, including audiovisual records, to more ambitious projects, such as the creation and organisation of a new archive. 

FIDA has recently been restructured to ensure better representation of the various regions of the world on its Board of Directors. It has also sought better to promote its work and to seek a broader and more consistent donor base. FIDA relies on financial help from archival colleagues around the world to perform its work. We are grateful to our past donors and would like to encourage other colleagues to support FIDA’s vital activities by making a financial contribution, however modest. 

Sharon Alexander-Gooding 

Chair of the FIDA Board 

FIDA Project Funding 

Do you have a project that you think could be eligible for a FIDA grant? Check first to see if a FIDA Call for Projects is currently in progress! A new Call for Projects is made every year, beginning usually in June/July and ending in August/September.