Professional Sections

The Professional Sections provide a meeting place for ICA members with common professional interests or similar professional activities who wish to promote the aims of the ICA and strengthen their cooperation. There are currently 11 Sections covering a range of topics such, for example, as Archival Education, Human Rights and Archives, Sport Archives, Business Archives.

The purpose of the Professional Sections is to encourage debate, stimulate research and develop solutions for key archive and records management problems.

Each Section draws up its own programme of activities in conjunction with the Programme Commission. Sections hold regular meetings and have a strong presence at ICA Congresses and Conferences. Sections can apply to ICA for project funding.

As member of a Section, you can participate in its exchanges and undertake research in collaboration with other members engaged with ICA groups. You will also receive useful information such as research findings, updated standards and tools, proceedings from meetings and advance notice of publications. In addition, you can play an official role within the Section and have the opportunity for close involvement in the Section’s work.

To find out more about the individual Professional Sections, see the full list below.   

Want to join a Professional Section?    

Membership of a Section is open to all ICA members, institutional and individual. You can join up to two (2) or three (3) sections depending on your membership category.

To join a Professional Section, visit My ICA Profile and select the section(s) most in line with your professional interests.

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