Section for Education and Training – SAE

The ICA Section for Archival Education and Training (SAE) dedicates itself to the provision of a network for educators and trainers in archival science 

Beyond established professionals, the Section works to serve all those who are interest in professional education and training in the archival sector. 

We seek to: 

  • promote co-operation between archival training institutions in order to assist in the development of research and qualifications for record keeping around the world; 
  • to disseminate information about educational opportunities and training activities for example through regional educational conferences; 
  • and to co-operate with other bodies of the ICA in the preparation of training materials. 

Current projects 

Our latest research project (completed in collaboration with the ICA through the Programme Commission), titled Understanding the international landscape of trauma and archives, is authored by Nicola Laurent and Kirsten Wright. This initiative seeks to provide an international view of current issues connecting archives and trauma. By gathering statistical evidence, this resource allows us to assess needs, plan future provision, and support the development of a more diverse and inclusive archival profession. 

Other recent projects also include: the Training the Trainer Resource Pack , now translated into Bahasa Indonesian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and English, with plans for Polish and Arabic; the preparation of an online directory of archives and records education provision; a digital recordkeeping curriculum project; and an international research database.