Our Mission and Objectives

Archives constitute the memory of nations and societies and shape their identity. They are the cornerstones of the information society. By providing evidence of actions and transactions, archives support administration and underpin the rights of individuals, organisations and States. By guaranteeing citizens’ rights of access to official information and to knowledge of their history, archives are fundamental to identity, democracy, accountability and good governance. 

In recognition of these fundamental archival values, the aim of the International Council on Archives (ICA) is to promote the efficient and effective management and use of records, archives and data in all formats and its preservation as the cultural and evidentiary heritage of humanity, through international cooperation, by sharing professional experiences, research and ideas on the management and organisation of archives and archival institutions


What are our objectives? 


  • To encourage and support the development of archives in all countries, in cooperation with other intergovernmental and non-governmental international organisations and businesses. 
  • To promote, organise and coordinate the development of best practices and standards and other activities in the field of records, archives and data management. 
  • To establish, maintain, and strengthen relations between archivists and records/data/information managers in all countries and between all archival and information institutions, professional bodies and other organisations, and with allied professions. 
  • To support and inspire, worldwide, the work of archival institutions, professional bodies and organisations, public and private, concerned with the administration or preservation of archives, records and data, or with professional training. 
  • To facilitate the interpretation of records, archives and data by raising their profile and by encouraging their greater use within the established legal frameworks. 
  • To undertake any relevant activities which support the association’s objectives, including but not limited to: organising events, issuing position statements, undertaking programmes, establishing subsidiary bodies, developing training resources, releasing publications, etc. 


The Mission, Aims and Objectives of the ICA are enshrined in its Constitution. 

ICA's Constitution

ICA's Constitution

ICA - International Council on Archives