The objective of the Fund for the International Development of Archives (FIDA) is to assist colleagues in countries which, for whatever reason, need assistance in developing records management and archival capacity. Each year the International Council on Archives (ICA) allocates a small budget to the Fund. To this is added the donations received from ICA members. This money is then distributed following a call inviting ICA members to request support for their potential projects. 

But if FIDA is to make a real difference, greater financial resources will be required. In the past, FIDA has at times had to refuse promising projects for want of funds. We would therefore like to ask institutions and records managers and archivists who are ICA members to consider the possibility of making donations. Even small amounts will be welcome, since records managers and archivists are capable of making very little money go a long way! 

Donors play a vital role in providing resources for ICA to be able to deliver its vision across the globe. As a donor, you can contribute directly to records management and help the survival of the world’s archival heritage. By doing so, you will enable people around the world to establish their identity, uphold democracy, protect their human rights, undertake all manner of research and benefit from meaningful education.