Section for Education and Training – SAFT

Section for Archives of Faith Traditions

The Section for Archives of Faith Traditions was originally founded as the Section of Archives of Churches and Religious Denominations on 14 September 1995, in Prague, The Czech Republic. In August 2012 at the International Council on Archives Congress in Brisbane, the section was renamed the Section for Archives of Faith Traditions, to reflect a more inclusive approach to the diversity of faith traditions in the world, such as organized and non-organized religions, traditional and non-traditional faith groups, newly formed and centuries old organizations.

SAFT advocates for archival management based on professional practices and standards, including access and protection of cultural resources critical to our understanding of archives of faith traditions held by the organization of creation and by other archival repositories.

Our goals reflect the general objectives of ICA as set out in article III of the constitution by:

  • promoting professional and scholarly co-operation and communication between the archives of faith traditions in order to preserve heritage and promote access;
  • assisting in the basic and continuing professional training of staff in charge of the archives of faith traditions;
  • developing and disseminating standards and ethics for the preservation, arrangement and description of the archival heritage of faith traditions.


Our objectives are:

  • increase and diversify membership of the section amongst faith traditions;
  • enhance communication and exchange information between archivists of faith traditions through face to face meetings and conferences, print and social media;
  • encourage the establishment of sustainable archives of faith traditions around the world;
  • facilitate knowledge of guidelines for the management of archival holdings;
  • encourage access to collections around the world and support the study of faith traditions in the spirit of mutual tolerance;
  • represent the views and interests of archivists of faith traditions, especially in the programmes of the ICA.