In late 2012 ICA, together with its partner the International Records Management Trust (IRMT), was asked by UNESCO to develop an outline curriculum for digital preservation training.  In response, ICA and IRMT produced an ambitious scheme which comprised fifteen modules.
UNESCO then commissioned ICA and IRMT  to develop two of these modules – relating to current initiatives and to metadata – with specific reference to the needs of colleagues working in Africa and the Caribbean. 
Although it did not in the end prove possible to develop the other modules, ICA and IRMT both believe that these two completed modules should be published in order to support the efforts of colleagues working in this crucial area. It is hoped that they will make a useful contribution in a fast moving field where no one initiative is likely to have all the answers.
ICA wishes to acknowledge the tireless energy, professionalism and commitment of our partners in IRMT, without which these modules would never have seen the light of day.
Follow this link to access the modules.