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We are two weeks away from the SLA Workshop titled “ArchivesAt: Using Wikidata to enhance Access to Archives”. Have you registered for this free online workshop? 

For this workshop, Elizabeth Bassett and Heather Dean, two Canadian archivists who are members of the Section on Archives of Literature and Art, will introduce participants to how to experiment with linked open data using Wikidata. Participants will learn what Wikidata is, how the archival community is using and contributing to Wikidata, and experiment with creating and editing in the platform.  

It is recommended that you create a Wikidata account prior to the workshop: 

Navigate to the main page of Wikidata 
On the top right of the page, select “Create account” 
Fill out the “Create account” form with your chosen username, password, and, optionally, your email address 
Select the “Create account” button at the bottom of the form 
You should now be signed into your account  
If you chose to sign up with your email address, you should receive an email with the subject line “Wikidata email address confirmation.” Follow the URL in the email to confirm your Wikidata account. 

You are now ready to start editing Wikidata! You may want to sign into your account prior to the workshop starting time. 

More details about the programme and learning outcomes of this webinar can be found here. 


Language: This virtual session will be delivered in English. Interpretation into other languages will not be provided.     

Date: 29 May, 9am – 10:30 PST / 18.00 – 19.30 CET 

ℹ️ This workshop is hosted by the International Council on Archives (ICA) Section on Archives of Literature and Art and is supported by the ICA Programme Commission.