2003 - 2010 : Archival Solidarity Project - SPA

Section of Professional Associations - SPA
Date Added:
09 August 2016

SPA initiated the Archival Solidarity Project which works to coordinate international efforts to carry out foreign assistance projects to help developing archival communities. Information about the work of the Project is available here.

The Project maintains a database of current and recent international outreach projects and a database listing information about funding agencies that might be appropriate sources for funding international archival outreach project.

Guidelines have been developed by the project:

Responsible bodies

ICA Section for professional associations (SPA)


This project addresses a need in the international archival community for a centralized, interactive, online information resource about appropriate sources of funding for archives-related foreign assistance projects in developing countries and communities in transition.


Adding up to 1,000 new entries in the existing Archival Solidarity Funding Database.  

Completion date