7 June - ALA-ICA: 50 years of Cooperation for Archival Development

Date and Hour: Wednesday, 7 June 2023 / 17:00 - 18:30 CET. To confirm the date/time of this session in your time zone please use the following link.            

Language: Spanish. Interpretation into other languages will not be provided.  

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Webinar Summary 

Latin America was represented by a national director from the Latin American region in the first Executive Committee of the newly created International Council on Archives (ICA) in 1948. Their presence in this space of international collaboration can be read as a first step for what, twenty-five years later, would be the creation of the regional branch of the ICA in Latin America: the Latin American Association of Archives. 

In this talk we will discuss how the connection of these two organizations has allowed the advancement of the promotion and defence of archives in the region. In this virtual session, we will be joined by professionals in the archival field who have been actively involved in the sector's conversations both regionally and internationally. This session will also be an opportunity to celebrate virtually with the extended Ibero-American community the anniversaries of both associations: 75 years of ICA and 50 years of ALA. 

Speakers and moderator: 

  • Emma de Ramón Acevedo 
  • Jaime Antunes  
  • Mercedes De Vega 
  • Severiano Hernández Vicente  
  • Alicia Casas  
  • Carlos Zapata (moderator)