Section on Architectural Records - SAR

Section on Architectural Records

The Section on Architectural Records (SAR) was created in 2000 in Seville, Spain, during the International Congress of Archives.

 The Section attracts a broad international membership with shared common professional interests and activities, and has actually more than 50 members, both institutional and individuals.

 It is managed by a Steering Committee.

The main objetive of SAR is to promote architectural records worldwide. It also involves records on build environments.

Within the general objectives of ICA as set out in chapter III of the Constitution, which appears in full in the Governance chapter of these pages, the aims of SAR are:

  • to encourage the identification and the preservation of architectural records in offices, in the hands of private individuals, and in local or national agencies, in order to render them accessible to the public and to researchers;
  • to promote the knowledge and application of best archival practice;
  • to encourage the allocation of resources to architectural archives in areas of the world where specialized centers do not exist;
  • to be a forum for all persons responsible for the care of architectural records;
  • to represent the views and interests of architectural archives within the International Council on Archives;
  • to maintain links and to develop joint projects with the international community of architectural museums in the field of education, exhibition, research and conservation.


All archivists as well as architectural archives and other institutional members of ICA are encouraged to join SAR and to take advantage of sharing knowledge and learn about others experience on architectural records and archives.

If you want to work with us and be a part of this international community, please come and join us!

To do so you may contact our secretary Paulo Batista (