Section of Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives- SLMT

Welcome to the Section for Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives. The expansion of the section, which used to be the Section for Municipal Archives, was approved by ICA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Oslo on 17 September 2010.

Our constitution, which appears in full in the governance chapter of these pages, commits us to:

  1. Promoting professional and scholarly co-operation among local, municipal and territorial archives throughout the world
  2. Gathering and disseminating information relating to local, municipal and territorial archives throughout the world
  3. Representing the interests of local, municipal and territorial archivists
  4. Liaising between local, municipal and territorial archives and ICA's bodies.


The section is made up of institutional and individual members, both currently in work or retired.


More constitutional and structural changes are likely over the coming months. At Oslo, the AGM also approved our change of name and the creation of a new category of membership, (Category A3) in principle, to which the institutional members would belong. This new form of membership would allow SMLT to participate more fully in ICA work and events such as CITRA. More information will be posted here as the issue develops.

These web pages are for you to improve and add to. Please contact our webmaster, Mies ( - I hope that they will soon be full of events and news, and that new projects will come about, enabling everyone to share and learn.


Tim Harris

Chair SLMT        


Tim Harris