Arab Document Day celebrations of 2018

The celebration of the day of  Arab document and the scientific symposium will be held on Tuesday 16th October 2018  under the theme
 "Jerusalem the Eternal Capital of Palestine", on the occasion of the allocation of this year to the Holy City of Jerusalem. On the sidelines, a Scientific Symposium will tackle the "Risks faced by Arab archives and ways to address them".

 Themes of the Symposium:

  •  The volatility of the internal situations in the Arab world and its impact on the Arab archive.
  • Risks currently faced by Arab archives subsequent to the Arab Spring revolutions.
  •  Damages on Arab Archives resulted from the Arab Spring revolutions.
  • Necessary Procedures to protect Archival institutions during unstable situations and revolutions.
  •  Ways of  protecting documents from  destruction and vandalism.
  •  Emergency Plans and crisis management to protect the archives during revolutions.