Archives, Harmony and Friendship: Sustaining the Spirit of Seoul

ICA & NAK | 9 September 2016

After a stimulating week of workshops, posters, presentations and exhibitions, the ICA Congress in Seoul closed today with the joint signing and release of a joint communique.  The President of the National Archives of Korea, Mr Sang-Jin Lee and the President of the International Council on Archives, Mr David Fricker, have jointly signed and released “Archives, Harmony and Friendship:  Sustaining the Spirit of Seoul”.

This communique captures the enthusiasm of the congress and the determination of records and archives professionals from around the world. It commits us to actively contribute to our society in the digital age by freely sharing our professional knowledge and expertise.

It also commits the International Council on Archives to action in the areas of recognising records as an information resource, digital recordkeeping policy development, sustainable financing and human resource development, the support of international organizations’ policy initiatives and the strengthening of international cooperation.

We are delighted to jointly release this commitment to action and to make the communique available to you in English, French and Korean.