Caribbean Literary Heritage

The Caribbean Literary Heritage project, based primarily at the University of East Anglia, is developing a number of important new initiatives.

The project has the following aims, in respect of literary materials from the Caribbean region, seeking to:

  • create a fuller literary history of the period 1940-1980
  • recover stories of forgotten writers and writings
  • help writers to become more aware of what to save of today’s manuscripts and papers for tomorrow’s researchers
  • develop case studies of writers, especially those writing from the region, that seek to understand the opportunities and challenges for their creative and collecting practices
  • bring together academics, archivists and writers from the UK, Caribbean and beyond to discuss the changing nature of Caribbean literary archives across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  • create an open-access resource that maps where Caribbean writers’ papers can be found
  • enrich open access knowledge sources, such a Wikipedia, with entries on Caribbean writers, their papers, and literary archives in the region
  • work with and take guidance from senior figures in the region including the project’s official advisors

For more information, visit the Caribbean Literary Heritage website.