Collection Match – Don’t Reject, Redirect! - Seoul, Thursday 8 September 2016 11:45-13:15

ICA | 5 August 2016

Date : Thursday 8 September 2016 11:45-13:15

Room : 327

Theme : 5. Diversity and harmony among archival cultures and societies

SESSION 6.10 / P125 Collection Match--Don't Reject, Redirect!


Collection Match – Don’t Reject, Redirect!

Dawn Sherman-Fells and Meghan Ryan Guthorn

Have you ever been offered a collection that didn’t fit within your collecting policy, or you weren’t resourced to process or maintain? Have you ever declined a donation or directed a donor to a repository you thought might be interested but were unsure if the offer would be accepted?  Do you work at a repository receiving referrals for the same types of collections again and again, offering no diversity or opportunities to develop in less well-known collecting areas?

“Collection Match - Don’t Reject, Redirect”, will feature a discussion of the Collection Match project. Collection Match is a project in the early stages of pilot development. Our goal is facilitation of open communication across the profession regarding accessioning and deaccessioning to better place collections. The ICA theme “Archives, Harmony & Friendship” speaks to what Collection Match hopes to achieve – a cooperative, collaborative environment facilitating the placement of collections, and improving customer service.

Meghan Ryan Guthorn, Dawn SHERMAN-FELLS

From left to right : Meghan Ryan Guthorn, Dawn SHERMAN-FELLS

We are interested in collecting stories from the target user group, and are thrilled to be bringing the Collection Match project to an international audience with ICA. In an increasingly global society, we are increasingly likely to see donors in one country with collections that may best fit institutions in another. We look forward to hearing about your collecting challenges!  This session will also include a broader conversation about the challenges related to collecting within your institution’s means and interests while broadly supporting the documentation of all groups and voices. We hope to see you there!