Extended Secretariat Team

Margaret Crockett, Training Officer

Margaret works for ICA as Training Officer on a consultancy basis two days a week. She is responsible for ICA’s face-to-face training and the online learning platform. Working within the Professional Programme, Margaret advises on all aspects of ICA’s training and capacity building activity. In particular she manages content development and delivery for ICA’s learning management system, manages the workshop programme at annual conferences, advises the Programme Commission and project managers on training activity across the ICA network and supports and delivers face-to-face training.


Margaret Turner, Translations and Publications Adviser

Margaret Turner, as Translations and Publications Adviser, is responsible for ensuring firstly that all key documents of ICA are made available in the 6 principal UNESCO languages (English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) and secondly, by working collaboratively with ICA Branches and Sections to investigate ways in which the translation of other ICA material can be made available in a wide variety of languages. She is also principal minute taker for meetings of the Executive Board and the Programme Commission.


Didier Grange, Special Adviser

After having held various élective or volontary positions within the ICA, Didier became “Special adviser” in 2010.

As such he carries various tasks for the ICA Secretariat such as contributing to the review of Congresses and Conferences, representing ICA on the Portail International Archivistique Francophone (PIAF), participating as a member of the Programme Commission (PCOM) and chairing the Expert Group on Legal Matters (EGLM) and on the Expert Group on Theft, Trafficking and Tampering of Documents (EGATTT)

Also, he keeps track of developments on ICA and the archival world generally.

At the request of the President or the Secretary General, he represents the ICA in negotiations and conferences for example, and, finally, he deals with different ad hoc subjects. Occasionally, he also writes texts and does translations. This activity is pro-bono and done on his free time


Jessica Squires, Secretary of the FIDA

Jessica Squires holds a PhD in History, with a concentration in Political Economy, from Carleton University in Canada. She is an independent scholar with several peer-reviewed publications. She manages a team of researchers and policy analysts at Library and Archives Canada. She was the ICA Programme Officer from 2017 to 2018. In addition to volunteering as FIDA Coordinator, Jessica also supports the Forum of National Archivists on a volunteer basis.


Roman Lescano, Community Manager Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Graduated from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, Roman is a member of the International Council on Archives and the Network of Graduated Archivists of Córdoba.

He started his professional career in the "Archivo de la Memoria" in Córdoba province, where he digitized documents that referred to the disappeared in the last Argentine military dictatorship. Then he worked as an Archivist in the audiovisual archive of the Multimedia SRT where he did basic preservation, appraisal, indexing and inventory of broadcasted TV and radio news (local, national and international). Fonds included 16mm film reels, videotapes, DVDs, CDs, still pictures, slides, digitally transferred films and native digitally generated media content.

Travels and archives lover, 2014 New Professional bursary, regular member of the Human Rights Working Group, Roman participated in Archival events in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Nepal and Cameroon. He is currently working as an Archivist in the Clarín Media Group and as part of the Communication team, he manages the official ICA Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

This activity is pro-bono and done on his free time


Nicola Laurent, Coordinator for the New Professionals Programme

Nicola is the Senior Project Archivist on the Find & Connect web resource, based at the University of Melbourne in Australia and Vice-President of the Australian Society of Archivists. Nicola's research focus is on trauma-informed archival practice, with an emphasis on raising awareness of the effects of vicarious trauma and emotional labour, and the creation of resources to support people within the archival profession.

Nicola was a recipient of the New Professional Programme in 2016, attending the Seoul Congress, and has remained actively involved in the ICA since then. She presented at the ICA Section on University and Research Institution Archives (ICA-SUV) 2017 Conference, the 2017 ALA-ICA Conference and the 2019 ICA Conference. Nicola assisted the ICA-SUV with their blog, website transfer and communications throughout 2018, and was a 2019 conference buddy to a current New Professional.

Nicola looks forward to working with the ICA community to continue to grow and integrate the New Professionals Programme to support the aims of the ICA, the archival profession, and most importantly, new archivists and recordkeepers.


This pro-bono activity is done on her free time.

Cécile Fabris, Coordinator for the Mentorship Programme

Cécile Fabris is in charge of the Education/Research and Youth and Sports collections at the French National Archives as of January 2019. She previously worked in a departmental archive service as an archivist-palaeographer and is a graduate of the Institut national du patrimoine. She was responsible for defining the collection policy, managing the electronic archiving system project and assisting the administrative services in the dematerialisation of procedures.

Cécile is involved with archival training activities. She is also actively associated with the ICA work, particularly with the New Professionals Programme for which she was responsible until 2018. She is currently the coordinator of the Mentoring Programme.


Basma Makhlouf Shabou, Coordinator for the Africa Programme

Professor Basma Makhlouf Shabou is the Head of Master of Information sciences and the coordinator of archival studies at Geneva School of Business Administration at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. She obtained her PhD in Information Sciences from the University of Montreal. She also holds a Records management Master's degree and a Bachelor's in Social studies from Tunisia. She supported the national program for the management of public documents within the National Archives of Tunisia. She has contributed to the teaching and conception of various archival programs in different countries (University of Montreal; University of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi; University of Mannouba, Tunisia; University of A'Sharqiyah; University of British Columbia; University of Liverpool; University of Lausanne, Switzerland). She co-directs the DLCM 2 project, she is involved in various international projects and associations (InterPARES, PIAF, GIRA, GREGI) and expert groups in various bodies of ICA. .


Cleophas Ambira, Coordinator for the Africa Programme

Dr. Cleophas Ambira is the founding and current chairperson of the Kenya Association of Records Managers and Archivists (KARMA). He also works as a training manager for a leading commercial bank in East and Central Africa. In the last ten years, he has been at the heart of enhancing the records and information management profession in Kenya through KARMA.

He is an author, researcher and a solid consultant in records and archives management. He has professional qualifications in leadership development, training skills and psychometrics. He is also a trainer on performance management, leadership development, relationship management, selling skills, competence-based interviewing and facilitation skills. Dr. Ambira is also certified as a leadership trainer by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a globally renown leadership development and research organisation. He’s also trained in coaching skills by the Academy of Executive Coaching.