FIDA Supports Archives and Archivists 

The ICA Fund for the International Development of Archives’ (FIDA) role is to support the development of archives and archivists in countries, regions and communities where archives and records provision could be strengthened due to lack of resources or training opportunities, or for other reasons. FIDA is a distinct programme of awards to support projects seeking to develop an archive or to support individual archivists, through career development, mentoring and other methods, to enable archives and their archivists to acquire professional and management competencies needed to manage the archives in their countries, regions or communities. 

Since 2010, FIDA has supported projects in all regions of the globe, including in Africa, South America, West Indies, SE Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific region. Successful projects ranged from training in various basic archival skills, such as records management, appraisal and preservation, including audio-visual records, to more ambitious projects, such as setting up and organizing a new archive. 

FIDA has recently restructured to ensure better representation among the FIDA Board from the various regions of the world. FIDA has also sought to better promote its work and to seek a broader and more consistent donor base. This work relies on financial help from archival colleagues from around the world. We are grateful to our past donors and encourage other colleagues to support FIDA's vital work by making a financial contribution, however modest. 

Sharon Alexander-Gooding
Chair of the FIDA Board