The Future of the Archives on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident, Seoul, Friday 9 September 2016 09:50-11:20

Arika Kaneko, University of Tokyo Archives | 8 September 2016


Date : Friday 9 September 2016 09:50-11:20

Room : 327

Presentations : P187 / P188 / P189 / P190

P187 The Future of the Archives on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

My presentation will examine the role of records and archives on the Fukushima nuclear accident, caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011. Until now there have been two major nuclear accidents in the world, Three Mile Island accident (1979) and Chernobyl Nuclear accident (1986). We have known the problem of nuclear crosses national borders. It would be interesting because the Fukushima disaster raised important archival issues to not only Japan but also global archives world and it has not been resolved yet.




Tomioka-cho Fukushima photo by SHINSHU HIDA

Tomioka-cho Fukushima photo by SHINSHU HIDA

What does the congress theme of archives and harmony mean to you?

I would like to say the world is becoming more and more borderless and digitalized, not excepting records and archives. The situation that we are facing is very complicated, but archives will be the key to make harmony and friendship. We could share the experiences, ideas and knowledge with the professional to gain a deeper understanding in Seoul!


グ ローバル世界はますますボーダーレス、デジタル化しています。記録やアーカイブズも例外ではありません。私たちは複雑な事態に直面していますが、アーカイ ブズがハーモニーや友情をつくり出すキーポイントになるだろうと考えています。ソウルにて私たちは、プロフェッショナルたちと経験、アイディア、知識を共 有し、より一層深い理解を得ることができるしょう。

University of Tokyo Archives

What are you most looking forward to about the congress?

I have just started building my career in archives, there are full of wonders and unknown things to me. I’m looking forward to meeting the professional whom passionate about archives from all over the world and experiencing South Korea’s innovated archives culture.