Grants available for participants from DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi


Application criteria 

The Directorate General of the Belgian Development Cooperation allocates grants that largely cover the costs for attending the Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives.


These grants cover the costs for attending the conference, the flight tickets, the stay in Brussels, a lump sum for food, the obligatory insurance and a part of the visa application costs in the home country.


In order to be eligible for this grant for attending the conference, the candidate must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Home country: DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi
    It will be aspired to allocate the grants evenly among the three countries.
  • In each country, the grants will be allocated evenly among the different institutions/organisations.
  • Profession: the candidate must fulfil one of the following criteria:
    - Be appointed as archivist at an archives service and hold a leadership position (that is to say to have the competence to implement new developments and recent applications in the archives service in question)
    - Teach a university course in the field of archival sciences or about the application of new technologies in archival sciences
    - Lead a professional association of archivists and/or have a professional network allowing to spread new experiences and information in the country
    - Having recently graduated as archivist or a similar profession and being able to prove the importance of his or her attendance of the conference for the further development of his or her career
  • It will be aspired to obtain a men – women balance in the allocation of the grants.

 The candidates must join the following documents to their application:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae proving that the applicant meets the criteria listed above.
  • A covering letter showing the importance of his or her attendance of the conference both for his or her personal development and for advancing the functioning of the service in which they are appointed.


The dossiers must be introduced before 23 August 2013, via e-mail to the Belgian State Archives, for the attention of Mrs. Karin VAN HONACKER (