ICA Abu Dhabi Congress 2023 – Programme Now Available!

Are you planning out your trip to Abu Dhabi? We’re excited to announce that the preliminary programme is now available! It is full of engaging workshops, thought-provoking presentations, creative posters, and so much more. There are more than 300 different papers, lightning talks, co-labs, panels and posters ready to be presented, with authors representing more than 95 countries! We can’t wait for this exchange of ideas as we discuss Enriching Knowledge Societies.  

Take a look at the full programme: 

The main Congress theme is divided into 5 sub-themes. The first of these is Peace and Tolerance. 

In a world mired in conflict and challenges, the post-pandemic era has raised new challenges. Archives worldwide whether national, regional, or even personal have a mission to rise up to the challenges brought about by events on the international stage. The role of archives is not limited or restricted to the projection of appearances of peace and tolerance. Rather archives are one of pillars of peace and tolerance be it on the national or societal levels. In this part of Abu Dhabi 2023, participants will shed light on the importance of archives in creating and maintaining peace and tolerance in society. Moreover, participants will highlight the role of archives in promoting peace and tolerance between nations at the international level. Archives in many parts of the world are often described as memories of their nations. However, archives are not silent or passive memories. Archives have a voice, and that voice is the voice of knowledge. Archives enrich societies and nations. 

This sub-theme will feature 8 sessions: 

  1. Archives and Conflicts 
  2. Archives Management Contribution to Peace and Healing 
  3. How to Deal with Shared Archives 
  4. The Tandanya-Declaration - Four Years on: What Progress has been Made? 
  5. Role of Archives in Resolution of Conflict 
  6. Archival Repatriation & Decolonization in the Middle East & North Africa 
  7. Responding to the Archival Challenge of Trauma in Archives 
  8. Issues of Ownership and Access to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Records and the Repatriation of Migrated Archives 

Find out more about each of the sub-themes here. 

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