ICA Annual Report 2020

ICA Annual Report 2020 

We are pleased to present to the ICA members and the archival community the ICA Annual Report 2020. As the ICA President mentions in his opening message, “2020 was a year like no other for the ICA.” It was a challenging year but also a time to learn how to work virtually, how to find other ways to collaborate at a distance, and how to be resilient while managing both personal and professional commitments.  

This report looks back at 2020 providing a snapshot of the work carried out by our staff and volunteers on the ICA Professional Programmes and strategic initiatives in response to the needs and interests of our members. The report summarises the changes in the New Professionals Programme and the projects developed by the Active New Professionals, it presents the courses developed as part of the Training Programme, and an overview of activities from the first phase of the Africa Programme along with the objectives of the second phase. 

The report also highlights the approval of ICA’s new strategic plan ‘Empowering Archives and the Profession 2021-2024’ which is presented in greater detail in this report along with the Programme Commission membership reforms. 

A new section was added this year entitled: ICA working for ICA, where our members can learn more about the projects, initiatives and products designed and implemented by the ICA’s Professional SectionsExpert Groups, and Regional Branches

There is more information about 2020 international advocacy work, statements and activities in the annual report (available in English and French); we invite you to take a look.  

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